Introducing the Tweettronics Social Media API

Posted September 6, 2012 by Tweettronics
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Enabling Applications with Twitter Metrics and Influence

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Tweettronics, ( ), a global leader in social media metrics, today announced the availability of the Tweettronics Social Media API (application programming interface).

The API is geared for integration into agency and corporate systems that need to monitor social media activity. The Social Media API analyzes the Reach and Influence of those commenting on brands and other keywords, and also offers Search analysis on the Twitter data stream. With this interface, businesses can integrate influence analysis into their applications, and can easily add social media metrics (especially Twitter analytics) into their offerings.

Proven Data Enables Social Media Insights for Business Applications

The Tweettronics Social Media API uses Tweettronics’ mature systems, which have been in operation since 2009. The API provides a variety of social media metrics: Sentiment Analysis to detect the tone of conversations, Influence Analysis to identify key speakers, and Textual Analysis to identify the key phrases, words, and URLs in conversations. With the API businesses can obtain insights on the topics on Twitter that matter most to them, and can identify the most influential speakers about those topics. For example, companies can identify conversations about their products and find the users who are actively engaged in discussing them, so the sales force can connect to these influencers. Business can improve their customer service by focusing on the right people, and sales teams can zero in on impending buyers and influence makers to accelerate deals.

“Our easy to use web-based system is already in use tracking the success of marketing and sales campaigns for a variety of marketing firms and other businesses. With the Tweettronics Social Media API our customers can go further by integrating our proven data analysis into their tracking, sales, and service systems quickly and robustly.”, says founder Jeffrey Greenberg.

The Social Media API was developed to meet the needs of those seeking to acquire invaluable social media information to enhance sales, improve PR campaigns, and track trends in politics, products, stocks and all other areas where customer input and discussion is key.

Technology makes for rapid integration

“Customers have been asking for a cost-effective solution to meet their social media analysis and data needs. We are excited that through the use of cloud and REST technologies, developers are able to incorporate Tweettronics’ leading social media analysis into their applications”, opined Mr. Greenberg. “The Social Media API makes this process quick, easy and effective.”

Available now

The Tweettronics Social Media API is available now. Documentation and signup information is available at Inquiries should be directed to

About Tweettronics

Tweettronics provides sophisticated analysis of Twitter for use in improving and understanding sales & marketing messages. It has been providing such information since the earliest days of Twitter. Tweettronics is focused on providing social metrics to PR agencies, marketing organizations, political campaigns, sales organizations, product companies, and other businesses wanting insight into social media.

For more information please visit and follow us on Twitter @Tweettronics

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Tweettronics Adds Increased Speed, Broader Language Coverage, and Geographic Focusing to their Leading Twitter Monitoring Platform

Posted May 21, 2012 by Tweettronics
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Newly updated social media monitoring tool offers speed and greater usefulness for PR, Political, and Marketing professionals.
San Francisco, California  May 07, 2012

Press Release

When it comes to understanding what people are saying about products, brands or political candidates on social media, there’s no better tool for monitoring Twitter than Tweettronics ( The newly updated system provides instant reports and the ability to compare conversations between different geographical locations. It broadens coverage to include Spanish and Portuguese languages. The new release keeps its simple interface while providing public relations and marketing professionals the data they need to measure and enhance their campaigns.

Speed and Latin Languages

“We are the best at getting PR and Marketing professionals productive quickly, and bringing top analytic firepower at a price point attractive to mid-size firms and individual consultants”, said founder Jeffrey Greenberg. “Adding Spanish and Portuguese language analysis to enables PR and marketing professionals to quickly ascertain impact of campaigns in growing Latin segments. And firms based in Brazil, Mexico, and elsewhere can now use our cost-effective Twitter analytics platform for their native language campaigns where before they were constrained to English.” The new system delivers its analysis far more quickly and with improved accuracy. Tweettronics’ unique Key Phrases feature finds the most frequently mentioned phrases within tweets. Key phrase detection means that PR Professionals can quickly find the phrases people are using, rather than just individual words. This provides the knowledge to improve SEO offerings, as the actual phrases in use can be utilized and amplified.

“Customers tell us our product is the easiest to use of all the media tracking products”, says Jeffrey Greenberg, founder of Tweettronics. “We’ve made the product deliver the key information marketing folks need without complications. Simplicity is a core design value.”

Applications for Brand Managers, Campaign Professionals

Tweettronics is seeing the increased use of focused Twitter search for competitive analysis, and to measure the efficacy of campaigns within specific regions. Political consultants use Tweettronics to analyze the electorates’ response to political speech to see if their tropes are catching on. Tweettronics shows the effects of outreach and communication efforts so managers can measure how they figure in the political conversation. “We’ve seen a lot of interest in our tools during the contested Republican primaries, and we expect to see local campaigns of all stripes reach for cost-efficient tracking of public sentiment towards candidates and issues” says Greenberg.

Tweettronics’ new release brings unmatched understanding of what the populace is saying, with the ability to focus on a single geographic area. This enables analysis of sentiment in a particular region, excluding all other voices. The company provides whitepapers on using its product for competitive brand analysis and for establishing the value of tracking Twitter conversations in promotional campaigns.

Offer to PR and Marketing Bloggers

The company is offering a month of free service to bloggers who write for PR and marketing professional audiences and who would like to blog about Tweettronics. Bloggers can apply for this by contacting and registering information about their blogs.

About Tweettronics

Tweettronics provides sophisticated analysis of Twitter for use in improving marketing messages. It has been providing such information since the earliest days of Twitter.

Tweettronics is focused on providing social metrics to PR agencies, marketing organizations, political campaigns and other organizations.

Founded in 2009 by Jeffrey Greenberg, Tweettronics has grown organically without venture capital . The business has a laser focus on serving customers’ needs through the application of big-data technology to social media.

For more information please visit or follow us on Twitter @Tweettronics


New Feature: Tweets by Location

Posted August 15, 2011 by Tweettronics
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In response to customer requests we have added the ability to focus a search on a particular geographic location.  What that means is that you can obtain Tweets from a particular place to learn about the behavior of people in that area, and you can compare what you find with similar searches in other areas.

When you create a search, you can also simply by click on a map to focus your search on a particular area.  A convenient slider adjusts the size of the area of interest.  Tweets from with that area are obtained.  If a tweet is lacks geographic information, the location of the tweet’s author is used instead.

Tweettronics proides searches by location

Now you can explore the interests of users within a particular area.  For instance, we discovered that within the San Francisco Bay Area, people who spoke about organic grocer Whole Foods also had a lot of interest in Ramadan.  Who knew?

And search results can be compared to each other from the Dashboard.  For example, you can see how people who mention Coca Cola differ between New York, London, and Sao Paolo.  From the Dashboard, you can compare as many searches as you need.

New Feature: Tweet History

Posted March 17, 2011 by Tweettronics
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We have just released our newest feature: Twitter history.  With it you can jump start your searches for clients with data extending back as much as 90 days.  Considerably more than Twitter’s 7 days of search history, you can now provide better historical data to you clients, and win over new accounts by providing better insights at the get go.

To find the feature, you will find a new button on the Dashboard for the Search Archive.  Type a search term to locate data in the archive, and when you find a match, add the search to your Dashboard.  There can be alot of data, so this might take some minutes.  But you will soon have the data you need to serve your clients.

We are continually adding data, so let us know of brands and terms that are important to you!

Download Mania: Download Twitter Reach and Trend Data!

Posted October 25, 2010 by Tweettronics
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We work on making the best and most useful charts and graphs possible for Twitter metrics and analytics. But sometimes you need to produce your own charts that suit your style, or you might need to adjust the data, and incorporate your own analysis. So we’ve now enhanced the data we provide for downloading. You can now download Trends, Reach, and Tweet data.  It’s formatted for incorporation into Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

Look for the “Download” link on each of the search results tabs.

There’s a couple of limits: your search has be under about 6000 tweets / day or 9000 tweets in the total download period. Contact support if your needs exceed that and we can offer you some options.

Get an Alert When Tweets Arrive

Posted June 28, 2010 by Tweettronics
Categories: New Features, System Update

If you’re tracking alot of brands and topics with low volumes, where you don’t expect a tweet everyday,  you’d have to keep connecting to us to find out if something is going on.   Now you don’t have to do this.  Instead, with our smart tracking technology, Tweettronics will automatically alert you when a tweet arrives.

And if you’re tracking brands and products that get alot of traffic, then you will not be bothered with these notices.

Delete Irrelevant Tweets

Posted June 24, 2010 by Tweettronics
Categories: New Features, System Update

We just added a new feature to remove tweets that are not relevant to you.  We’ve provided means to find them and remove them.


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